About me

Hello, my name is Luuk Hartsema. Over the last two decades I have seen how the web has become what it is today. I’ve seen job titles change, new professions emerge and sciences evolve around the web. I witnessed the rise of social networks, e-commerce, online gaming and many other innovations made possible by the internet.

Since I was introduced to web development at the age of 14 I learned many things. I got my degree as a graphic designer, and taught myself to write code. I’ve specifically mastered HTML and CSS and explored programming languages like Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and AngularJS. I also explored facets of marketing and advertising and I’ve been a community manager at a community website with +10.000 members. I’ve designed many logos, brochures, advertisements, and web pages.

From all the things I’ve done so far I learned that user interface design gets me most excited. Nevertheless all my other experiences have helped me to be a better user interface designer. I find user interface design more challenging because there is a usability and functional aspect to it. I also find it more rewarding because it’s the part of a website which users interact with most. I love beautiful and effective interfaces.

I worked at several companies that try to make the world a little better. I joined HackerOne in 2013 and was privileged to contribute and witness how it evolved from a little startup into a successful company, that allowed hackers to report vulnerabilities in a responsible way to companies like Yahoo, Twitter, Dropbox, and many others. HackerOne contributed massively to the way people look at internet security now-a-days. I’ve also been involved with Factlink during that period. Factlink started with a mission to annotate the world’s information, and to provide a platform in which credible information can surface. Unfortunately development on this startup stopped although it did inspire others like worldbrain.io in their mission to solve this issue.

I’m currently one of the nerds at Devhouse Spindle. We are working on “VoIPGRID”, the most adaptable and progressive VoIP solution in the market. And “Lily”, a customer relationship tool on steroids that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to build better relationships with their customers. I frequently write blogs about the stuff I’m working on so feel free to browse through any of my publications.

I’m keen to share my knowledge, experiences and stories. I am also a mentor at designlab where I advise and tutor students. Want to get in touch? The easiest way is via Twitter on @lkhrtsm.